Can't make payment to Acer

I am trying to buy a laptop from Acer in the UK but it is failing.

I go through the entire purchase then Acer tell me there was a problem with the payment.

All that is appearing on my Monzo account is a Google pay active card check and nothing else.

I have asked monzo but they weren’t much use.

I’m not even sure why when trying to make the purchase there would be a google card check. I’m entering the card details straight in but having no joy.

Anyone know whats going on?


Have you contacted Acer? Monzo won’t know what problem Acer are having

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Try emailing: from the email linked to your account and tell them about the issue your having.

Sorry to hear the team wasn’t able to see why you’ve been having these issues Craig,

Just a couple of things to check:

  1. Does the billing address you’ve entered on the Acer website match the address on your account?
  2. Is it asking you to verify the payment with 3DS authorisation in the app? If so, have you done this?
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