Can't login!

OK, let me try and be a bit more general in my reply here.

Generally speaking, we do have methods which we can use to verify a customer if they aren’t able to login to their account and don’t have access to their email. So yes, COps can absolutely fix this and if that hasn’t happened it could be down to a misunderstanding of the situation, it could be a lack of training and a mistake was made on the part of the COp, or it could be down to a mitigating circumstance and a second opinion was required which might delay the process.

Without getting into specifics of this one, one thing I will say is that I am concerned if the OP of this thread was basically told “No, sorry we can’t help” as implied and we are investigating to see if that is indeed what happened here.


Thanks, Simon. That’s a great answer. I know so many people who are worryingly slack with keeping their email-associated phone numbers up-to-date. Statistically speaking, someone I recommened Monzo to is going to be in that group :rofl: I am much reassured by your reply.


Ni mogu zajti v internet v monzo

@simonb I have no access to my email due to being locked out of iCloud access, and having issues getting onto my account due to me not having access to my phone you mentioned in a earlier thread about sending code to a different email how do I go about this as I’m struggling to get it out of anybody in customer services.

Hi Ross,

Please send an email to with the following:

  • Old email address (the one on the account)
  • The new one you want to change it to
  • Your phone number
  • A selfie photo holding your ID up to the camera for verification

We’ll then get this changed for you :slight_smile:

Morning I have done this now.