Can't get statement history

So when I try to go into “Statement History” I get a message saying “Sorry there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if it continues”. I’ve tried several times through the day and it seems to persist.

I’m on the latest app update too. Running the latest version of Android on a Samsung Galaxy S9. So not entirely sure what else to do?

First, try an uninstall and reinstall.

If that doesn’t work I guess follow the instructions? Contact them?

Uninstalled and re-installed and sadly the same issue.
I tried calling but they said my issue cannot be solved over the phone? :frowning:
So I guess I’ll just email?

I wouldn’t call or email as those are generally for non-customers and are always jammed with long delays.

Contact them using in app chat for a much better and quicker experience :slight_smile:


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