Can't activate phone number


I recently redownloaded Monzo having used it years ago as a personal account, so I could set up a new account and use it for a side business. I wanted to have a completely clean account so I could see the total in and outflows of the business so I deleted my old account.

Going through the setup again, I am unable to verify my phone number (Something went wrong: sorry, we’re unable to verify your phone number, please try again), presumably because it has been used before. I don’t have another phone I can set this up on so am stuck.

I have emailed help@monzo 4 times now over the past 4 months without response and the phone line will not accept calls.

Does anybody know what I can do here?

Thank you


Personal current accounts shouldn’t really be used for business purposes, they could close it down so maybe you’d be better trying coconut or another business option?

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If the individual is a sole trader then there is nothing to say they can not use a personal current account for their business.

In fact, it’s good practice to use a second personal current account in order to separate the business from the personal income and expenditure.

I know there are loads who do use it but there have been 1 or 2 reports of accounts being closed because of it

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Define business.

My understanding of that was that it referred to Ltd Co.s requiring business accounts with business features.

Of course, if It’s a Monzo condition that sole traders can not have one of their personal current accounts then that is understood. But short sighted.

Legally, there’s nothing to prevent a sole trader (non Ltd Co.) from using a personal current account.

Anyway, we digress, it doesn’t help the OP with their query.


Make sure you are not phoning from a phone that withholds your number as those calls dont seem to go through

Emails are normally answered in a day or 2 so maybe try again?

Have you waited 30 days since deleting your account?

Or is it 7 days? I can’t remember which but you definitely have to wait a period before you can reopen.

30 days but he’s been emailing for 4 months

Hi all, thanks for the input so far. Yes I have tried multiple times over the past 4 months and no change. @Rat_au_van, not sure about witholding number, it’s a text with a code which comes through and I enter that

Sorry, I meant when you phone them you need to make sure your phone number isn’t withheld

Oh I see, thanks for the insight! i’ll try from my desk phone

It’s remarkable that you have emailed that multiple times over 4 months and not had a reply. Shameful really. Hope ya get it sorted