Can't Access Account - Monzo thinks I'm trying to open a new one

I’m in China until late October, and I’ve had to replace my global phone with a Chinese one which won’t install Monzo. I’ve downloaded the Monzo App onto my iPad and registered the email to access my existing account (opened July or August 2018). Monzo responds: ‘Sorry we are unable to offer you a Monzo account.’ Just to be clear - I don’t want to open an account. I want to access my existing account. Maybe the problem is because the first time I downloaded the app it took me through the New Account steps - even though I tapped ‘Log In’ - not 'Create Account.

It takes you through account creation when you try to log in with an email address that isn’t assossiated with an existing account.

Think about what email address you used when you signed up and use that one. Or give it a go with another email address just to be sure.

This should solve it :blush: