Cannot see scheduled payment amount

There is no ‘over scroll’ so it impossible to see the amount behind the FAB.

I think they mean the amount hidden behind the blue plus button, they can’t scroll the screen to see behind it.

Oh, well I didn’t know what a FAB was, so I glossed over that. I’ll delete my reply as I’m clearly too stupid for this conversation.

Isn’t that whatever additional software is running on your device?

Create a standing order to force over scroll?

Nope, that’s what the Add Scheduled Payment button looks like on Android. Mad.

Sorry, I should probably be more clear.
The blue FAB (Floating Action Button) is part of the Monzo app to add a scheduled payment.
It is covering the value of the direct debit to TV Licensing.

It’s not a big issue but certainly should be logged as a bug :slight_smile: either need to be able to move the button or over scroll the list to see the bottom row

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