Cannot register card


I made the initial top up yesterday and have received my card this morning, however, when I open the app, it is asking for the initial top up again. The app has previously displayed the ‘Activate card’ screen before, but it’s gone now.

Help would be very much appreciated!


Can you pull the screen up/down at all? It might be hidden “below the fold”.

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I’m afraid not! Just tried again but no movement!

Hmm, you could try uninstalling, reinstalling, it’ll then give you the option to login and hopefully activate the card.

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I’ve tried that too! Once I log in, it takes me to the ‘Initial Top Up’ screen again.

are you using your “correct” registered email address ?

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Yes, when I have logged in again, I have done so via a Log In E-Mail

I would email and they should be able to sort it out


or from an earlier reply from Tristan from Mondo " is your best bet for a quick reply :slight_smile: If not, I’m on"

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I had the same issue. I spoke to customer services earlier and they said they’d look into it.

I tried again a few minutes ago and was able to register the card and start using it :slight_smile:

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All sorted now - got in touch with them and then tried the app again.

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Sorry about this! A little :bug: that’s now fixed :slight_smile:

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Got card - same issues as above .

Is there a phone number to actually chat to anyone ?

Hi Mark!

I’d recommend emailing if it’s not an emergency but you can call us on 0800 802 1456.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having the same issue.

There is, it’s on the back of the card but it’s usually quicker to email or send the team a DM on Twitter.