Cannot find the original savings pot

I just activated my account. There were originally two accounts I think. One as current account and one as savings pot. I accidentally removed the second one by pressing some sort of ‘hide’ button . Could you please let me know how to get it back? Many thanks. To create a new savings pot, one needs to deposit at least £10, but the original one was there with no money needs.

On Android:
Press your profile image top-left to see your account and any associated pots, as well as options to open new pot, get a loan, split a bill etc etc. If you have hidden the pot you should be able to select the pen top-right in this view and you will be able to see any pots and be able to unhide them, and hit the tick top-right to confirm.

It should be similar on iOS.

Edit: Also, you can create a regular pot (with no restriction on minimum balance) as well as an interest-bearing pot (these usually have a restriction).

Hi, thanks for your answer. But I think it is not the original saving pot that we get once the current account is activated.

You do not “get a saving pot” when you activate your account, you either create one, or you do not. When you open an account you do not have any savings pots.

As such the indication was that you’d created and hidden a pot, I was helping you to un-hide it.

As shown in the photo, this was how my account looked like, a savings pot with no money.

So it doesn’t show now?

In which case either you have deleted the pot, or you have hidden it and my advice stands. Have you tried to follow my instructions?

As an aside, if you didn’t create that Savings Pot then it must be a new feature of the account opening process to auto-create one for you.

No, I could still not find it following your instruction. It might be a new feature.

From the screen shot the colour of the £0 is more dark grey than black, so it may just be a mechanism to encourage new customers to access the Pot systems, and not be a “real” Pot…? It’s hard to say, but I suspect it’s lost in the ether at this point, if it’s no longer showing.

At this point then your best bet is to use the Create a Pot button if you want a new non-interest-bearing Pot, or the Earn interest on your money if you want an interest-bearing Pot, but I don’t think you have to worry about a Pot with no balance lurking in the shadows.


This is correct. The pot shown above isn’t an actual pot - once clicked, it shows a screen explaining what pots are and how they work, with a prompt to create your own.


Got it, many thanks :smile: