Cancelled Monzo Plus - Why do I need a new card?

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They do that too stop people signing up for plus to get the card and then just cancel straight away, just a shame the old coral card if you still have it couldn’t be used instead


Presumably you weren’t so worried about waste when Monzo sent you your blue card?


If card/packaging/waste is such a big concern of yours, why didn’t you keep your coral card to start with?


Well… I didn’t NEED it, but the card was nice, I could have taken it or left it

It just makes little sense - Had I’d had the option to not have the +card, I probably wouldn’t have taken it, it is odd though

I do agree with you on both counts. I think it’s a bit excessive but they want to keep it exclusive.

You did have the option to not have the card though btw.


I guess in my honeymoon with Monzo Plus, I either didn’t see it, or wasn’t thinking

This is true, everyone had that option :slight_smile:

People here have said that when they’ve done that, they’ve been sent a new card after cancelling Plus anyway :man_shrugging:


I’m sure that’s true. But even if you don’t take the Plus card they send you another pink card.

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OP would still have received an unnecessary replacement card on cancellation, though.

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They’ve fixed that apparently.

In September, I decided to cancel Plus and I ordered a new card early so that I didn’t miss a day without a card.

I worked out a way around the way around the ‘forced’ replacement by simply force closing the Monzo app. It just reopened in the feed.

If its been fixed, that’s a better way around than mine.

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Pink? :triumph:

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It does look a bit pink to me, though.