Can "Your committed spending is X larger than your balance" show all the time?

The words stating how much my committed spending exceeds my balance (if my left to spend is £0) do not show for the first week or so of the budget period.

I’d like them to show all the time - since the sentence only refers to committed spending and balance, it’s not affected by non-committed spends so doesn’t need to wait to predict these better.

Having it not show at the start of the budget period is confusing, it made me think to start with that my balance was exactly enough to cover my committed spend; since there was no sentence shown I assumed there was no difference.

OS: Android 8.1.0
Device: Motorola G5S Plus
App Version: 2.31.1


Message that I’d like to show:
(It took almost a week to appear, this seems a long time!)

This always happens at the start of your budget period until it works out if you’ll likely be in or out of budget

Ah right… In that case I guess it’s a feature request rather than a bug report?

Seems odd that it knows both my committed spend and my balance but chooses not to tell me the difference between the two until later in the budget period. The sentence that tells me the difference doesn’t say anything about my expected spend on NON committed spends, so I wouldn’t have expected not knowing those yet to stop the sentence showing.

I need to transfer in enough to cover the committed spends to get me back in the positive, but I currently have to manually take my balance away from committed spend. Minor inconvenience but I’m just used to looking at that number and transferring in that much.

Moved thread and edited OP accordingly.