Can the app run on a Linux Phone?

For my sins I use a Linux phone (BQ 4.5 running Ubuntu touch) so that means I can’t download the app. Has anyone ported the Android app to work on Linux? Will anyone be doing that?

Could always just try it and report back?

Well, technically, Android is Linux :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But no, I can’t imagine there will be official support for a dead OS (which Ubuntu Touch basically is, Canonical has ended support and community support seems minimal at this point). That said, maybe a chance for you to experiment with building Android to run on your phone?


My question was asking whether or not a version of the app has been ported to run on Linux, not specifically Ubuntu Touch. It appears that although Android is built on a modified version of the Linux kernel, it can’t be easily ported to work on other Linux devices. I was wanting to steer clear of Android but it seems that the world has now fallen into just two camps for apps…Apple and Google. Is the source code for the app available?

I’m pretty sure the app isn’t open source, but maybe something like this?

Android uses the Linux kernel but also adds their own APIs and UI framework and stuff, so there’s no way to run an Android app on Linux.

What you could try is possibly run an Android emulator (a virtual machine) and install the app in there.

Or you know, just buy a Pixel 2 or iPhone and enjoy your free time. :slight_smile:

Any Linux distribution is adding its own stuff to the Linux kernel, Android is no different. Linux on its own isn’t that useful, the only real difference is that what Android adds is very different to most mainstream Linux distributions (but not as different as some embedded Linux devices!).

That said, I linked above to a project that is trying to run Android apps on other Linux distros without a VM/emulation. They also say it’s alpha quality and I’ve never tried it, so… at your own risk and all that!