Can’t move money to joint account via open banking

I can’t select my joint account to move money from one of my connected accounts. I can only select personal account.

Moving money to joint account via connected accounts.
iOS 15.3
iPhone 13 Pro
4.17.0 #807

The joint account isn’t eligible for this as it doesn’t have the plus/premium addition surely?

Correct. Only Plus/Premium accounts can interact with external accounts via Open Banking - and Plus/Premium tiers are not available on Joint accounts, only Personal accounts.

This also really gets me - I can create and assign custom categories to transactions in Open-Banking-connected accounts, like a HSBC Advance account. But yet I can’t with a MONZO Joint account :person_shrugging:

Last month it worked fine and previous months to that. Just this time it’s broke

This is working for me on 4.17.0 #807.

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That’s very strange. Maybe another delete and reinstall time

I can see the joint account but doesn’t let me select it.

(4.16.0 #805)


Updated and still doesn’t work for me.

I thought seeing balance / transactions is a plus/premium feature.

Top-up/transfer-in money via open banking is a free feature.

So, after testing this a little more…

It works fine if you access it through “joint account → Add money → Bank …” I can select either account after clicking on the bank.

Doesn’t work if accessing though “Connected account → Move money …” as @Revels said, I can see the joint account but cannot select it.

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Yes, it’s the second process you describe that’s stopped working currently. I can, like you, choose the JA but nothing happens when I press it

Well, well… Just tried this again and by using the second process: ‘Connected current account’ → ‘Move money’ (blue button under card), I get to the From:/To: and amount screen. In the 'To: field is shown the Personal account, but there is now a ‘Change’ tap on the right. Tap on it and a pop-up selector appears where I can select the Joint account.

Android, Monzo beta app v4.17.0

Both ways have always worked (for me) until I tried the other day and the second pathway no longer does. I hope this isn’t Monzo switching it off and just a bug to be fixed.

This is still broken :disappointed: