Can’t create new account


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I am trying to open new account but I can’t because of there are many GGGGGG in the date of birth. How can I deal with it?

Change your phones language to English?

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Thank you for your suggestions.
I have changed language and region to UK but still this screen has appeared.

I’m on iOS not android so hopefully someone will be along soon that know more.

Here’s another thread with similar issues

If your device language is set to English (GB/UK), what happens if you try to enter a valid DOB? For example;

Your DOB is October 9th, 1999, so enter 09/10/1999 then tap ‘Next’

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Paging @kieranmch for assistance please?

Since changing your device language/region to English, have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

Might be worth giving that a try so the page has a chance to kind of refresh itself after that change :pray: