Can Monzo receive HMRC self assessment refunds?

Can Monzo receive HMRC self assessment refunds? This is my first year “full Monzo” and when I completed my self assessment and subsequent tax refund I entered my Monzo details to be paid to. For some reason the payment will not release from HMRC and keeps showing as a credit even thought I’ve been thru the refund process 3 times now. I never had this issue when I was with Santander so am wondering if Monzo can receive tax refunds?

Can anyone help please?


Monzo can receive every kind of payment.

It certainly can. I had mine last year into my Monzo account.

You’re best speaking with HMRC if you’re having issues with their website

Yes, Monzo can receive these types of payments.

We’d recommending reaching out to HMRC over the phone to query this as long as your account is experiencing any issues. :slight_smile:

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