Can I use my Monzo in Belarus


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I am soon traveling to Belarus.
Before Ukraine war, we would be able to use it in Belarus.
I am just wondering if we still be able to use it ?

It seems that non Belarusian visa and MasterCards won’t work in terminals operated by some of the big banks that have been sanctioned. I assume they have a large market share, so I would expect a lot of issues there.

Most of the information out there only mentions Russia where it says foreign MasterCards and Visa won’t work at all inside Russia (even at non sanctioned bank) but it doesn’t specify if it’s the same in Belarus.

I also wonder if some foreign banks will have put over the top blocks in to avoid inadvertently violating sanctions, so maybe contact monzo in app.


Thanks kolok
Will definitely ask from Monzo customer support

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No problem,
Let us know what they say for future reference.

Interestingly, you also need to take care using your UK bank card (if it works) in Belarus too due to UK sanctions. For example, one of our sanctions is:

prohibits a person from directly or indirectly acquiring petroleum products which originate in or are located in Belarus

That could in theory apply to simply filling up your car with petrol. You could then be possibly prosecuted on your return to the UK.


It can get illegal very quickly, they also beefed up enforcement rules

sanctions violations will be evaluated by the OFSI on a strict liability basis—meaning that the agency will only have to prove a sanctions violation occurred, not what a company or individual knew about the violation.

I think it’s unlikely they’ll charge you for filling up a tank, but I don’t think I would take the risk.

If it violated sanctions, the most likely consequence is account closure and freezing of funds I would think

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I was thinking along the lines that a payment with a fuel MCC might not be enough proof, they could have bought food there.

But we know banks can be over zealous sometimes.
Of course it’s illegal I just wonder how many banks are setup to detect.

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Closure of a Monzo account could be the start of the issues for breaching sanctions.

Breaches of financial sanctions are criminal offences, punishable upon conviction by up to 7 years in prison. There are both civil and criminal enforcement options to remedy breaches of financial sanctions. Law enforcement agencies may consider prosecution for breaches of financial sanctions.

Any breach of the trade sanctions prohibitions in the Regulations is triable either way and carries a maximum sentence on indictment of 10 years’ imprisonment or a fine (or both). Any breach of the trade licensing provisions is also triable either way and carries a maximum sentence on indictment of 2 years’ imprisonment or a fine (or both).

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Indeed although also note I believe that only applies to U.K. nationals which the OP may or may not be

Also in fact buying petrol looks to be okay:

“There is also an exception in relation to the purchase of petroleum products in Belarus by an individual on a retail basis for personal use, or solely for the purposes of the performance of any humanitarian assistance activity in Belarus, should this engage the provisions in regulations 11 to 15. The provision of financial services or making available of funds in relation to that purchase is also permitted under the exception.”


Thanks everyone
I Won’t use it if I get in trouble!

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Would’ve thought an innocent holiday maker purchasing fuel from a petrol station wouldn’t result in bans and convictions and account closures :exploding_head:


I mean, holidaymaker is a bit of a stretch. The FCO does warn against all travel to Belarus and does also say that sanctions might make financial transactions difficult. People may have their reasons for going but I doubt it’s a simple holiday (if it is, it’s not a very well advised one!)

I’d be taking cash tbh.



Sadly we know that accounts get closed at many banks for far more far-stretched reasons.

I have personally travelled to countries that the FCO advised against all travel to. Family bonds are stronger than FCO advice …

So have I, my point was it probably not a casual holiday destination. The few U.K. nationals that are travelling there probably have very specific reasons to be there.

If I were to go to Belarus, I would get cash USD or EUR with me to convert and pay for stuff there.

might be working because section on russia , i think might be not work in future