Can I set up a house monzo card that I can change the account holder on?

We want to take out a card to help manage our ‘house kitty’. We’re happy to take it out in one persons name, but is it possible to change who the account holder is if that person leaves the house?

you obviously trust the one cardholder at the moment , why not just apply for another card in the remainers name and transfer the funds to that account

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probably answering my own answer - you would have to transfer the DD and standing orders to the new card holders account numbers :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Unlikely I’m afraid. We tried this before when I lived in a student house.

My advice is either a) trust b) get a joint account with at least two house members in so that you could potentially remove one if they left but leave the other intact (we did this) or c) distribute the bills between house members, therefore spreading the risk.

b may have some implications when it comes to credit records.

If you need the ability to swap names on the card, I don’t think any bank will really be able to do this for you for legal and logistical reasons, so you may have to compromise somehow unfortunately or take the risk that you have to call up your utility providers and swap accounts if someone leaves.

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woah… duck …incoming :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Im not doing politics on here :slight_smile:


It has been discussed a lot on here about adding the functionality of “Joint Pots” to Monzo.

We know Pots are definitely coming:

It’s just a case of whether Pots will work as a solution for your situation. I expect it will - and many users can share a pot, add money to it, have bills come out of it etc. But I don’t think anything has been confirmed yet.

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To answer your question directly : No.

We do a bunch of checks and ID verification stuff that we are legally obliged to do - ie checking that people aren’t sanctioned or have links to terrorism etc. All that stuff is tied to your account permanently, so we don’t change an account holder to another person for this reason :slightly_smiling_face: