Can direct debits in the scheduled payments list get flagged for inactivity?

I was wondering if there could be enhancements to highlight direct debits shown in the scheduled payments list to flag them as inactive?
Even a X months since last taken or something similar?

It does on iPhone.

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It does on Android too

Maybe I’ve misunderstood the query.

I don’t think so - what you posted is what the OP asked - that there is some indication that a scheduled payment is inactive. What Monzo actually does, as you’ve correctly posted, is not highlight a payment as ‘inactive’ but it does say ‘last paid___’ which shows it hasn’t been active since then.

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If they’re inactive just cancel the instruction then they wont appear in the list

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I must be using the wrong point of reference or maybe as others have suggested, it’s a byproduct of not doing regular house keeping on the direct debits themselves.

I use pots to pay direct debits that fall into two different groups from my Monzo Joint account.
Pot 1: Direct debits where the amount doesn’t fluctuate (predicable amounts) -shown in the screenshot

Pot 2: Direct debits where the amount changes each time.

I use the “left to pay” function regularly and have added the screenshot.

I have circled two scheduled payments that appear in the left to pay despite them not being active in at least 3 months.

Maybe I was just thinking some functionality could be added to suggest deleting left over direct debits no longer active or adding some context in the left to pay tab to reflect the that the payments in the list may not be truly representative of what is actually left to pay.

Thanks for everyone’s input and suggestions…

It’s tough for Monzo to delete them as you may have changed your monthly to 6 monthly and you’d be really annoyed if it failed


Yeah, agreed.
I think auto-deleting them isn’t necessary, however flagging up a gap in payments is probably a good thing.

Direct Debits become dormant if they’re not triggered by the company in 13 months, so you don’t really need to worry about them hanging around forever. Just leave them be.