Can chat be easier to find?

Without the forum there wouldn’t be much confusion though. Strengths and weaknesses

Facebook, Twitter, other forums.

It would still be there for people to discuss and carry on the confusion

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This is what I get in the evening too.

Personally, it is very confusing as I can’t tell how to start even an emergency chat - in fact, if I ever did get stranded abroad from an ATM eating my card or something, this would be really worrying.

I remember on a previous test (presumably), I had a button for “It’s an emergency” underneath “got it” - but more recently that seems to have vanished so I must be on another test!

Generally you would hit the transaction and press the something’s wrong button or whatever it’s called, that should start the chat to actually flag up the specific transaction

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Yes, I know - but sometimes even that link isn’t there.

It was also just an example of a stressful situation where you might want chat to support you through something - there is something to be said for a reassuring human sometimes, rather than a self help article. OK, you shouldn’t favour that automatically every time as that would be a waste of resources, but sometimes it is needed.

Have you used your card today much? Anything around the 8pm time?

I’m curious if they apply some logic to whether someone gets the text box vs those that don’t.

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What I don’t get is why it’s taking so long. I could understand up to 3 months, but trials around hiding the chat button seem to have been going on since around March. That’s about 8 months!


I don’t think even Monzo have a specific answer to that 🤦🤣

To be fair next time I have a general query I may just flag it off a transaction and just say sorry it’s nothing to do with the transaction but you didn’t give me an alternative other than going to sleep and typing my message the next day when I really wanted to just fire it off and await a response later on

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Exactly, but I think everybody agrees that needing to do that makes no sense and even Monzo wouldn’t see that as desirable.

The other obvious point is that many users, especially those relatively new to Monzo, would not know they could do that and would get stuck without help.

I come back to the sentiment many have expressed already in this thread - if even we, the relatively dedicated users who know the product intimately, cannot find how to use chat and get in contact with support, then something is very wrong as the more average user is likely to find it even more difficult.

As long as you know to scroll down to find it. Depending on screen size and resolution, it’s not always obvious that the transaction screen is scrollable.


Indeed. I have three other banking apps (Santander, Nationwide, and Starling). Each of them manages to make the act of contacting someone through the app a click or two away from the transactions screen. None of them force the customer to guess correctly the specific syntax required to search for a way to initiate a conversation.

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I couldn’t agree more.

In a funny sort of way, having to guess the “correct” way to phrase your request to get to the right place (as you say) is almost a return to the bad old days of poor-quality chatbots which used to be quite common.

Since then, even chatbots have improved dramatically due to better AI technology, and part of the appeal of Chat in the first place was that it didn’t used to make you go through a byzantine process just to get a query answered. It was simple, hassle-free and no-nonsense, 24/7. These were key reasons why it was thought of as better than phone support. I’m not sure that’s true at the current time - hopefully it gets better again as Monzo really did “set the bar” in the early days.

Nope, hadn’t used it since Saturday lunchtime.

It seems strange to me that chat is hidden, but when I find it, I can access it at anytime.

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Could it be easier to find?



I never thought this thread would go on so long when I started it.
I was considering linking to the recent confusion over the button like I did at the start but I’m not sure it’s worth the time.

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