Can anyone suggest a game for me?

Thanks dude. Seems excellent so far. Can’t believe the game is free !
Reminds me of halo and half life

I’m assuming the game autosaves ?

Yep it auto saves!

It’s more of a free to start game than free to play really. The campaigns after the into your still have to pay for (unless you have gamepass), but you’ll get the first missions from each campaign for free.

Seasonal stuff you have to pay for too.

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Cool. I’ll keep playing and if I like it i’ll buy the full version.
There is " beyond light " and " forsaken "
The latter looks best

There’s also shadowkeep too! I absolutely love the campaigns! The story and lore are one of my favourite parts of the game. Strikes are awesome too!


Get a Switch, you won’t regret it!

Lol I had a switch for about 10 months. got bored of it in the end and traded it in a CEX

Ah fair enough. I’m a Nintendo fanboy haha.

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can I ask a stupid question? is steam basically like Netflix for games? do you pay a subscription and then play whatever you want or is it like a shop front where you buy the games from steam? are the games streamed or downloaded? (I know I can go to and check but I’m lazy). thanks.

You buy the games via steam and they store in your account and on your hard drive It’s like a centre for games

Get a steam account ( it’s free )
Install steam and log in
Download a free game

Then you’ll see how it works

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Something like netflix for games would be Stadia

I would wager GamePass fits this definition better, given that it’s a full fledged library of games you can either download on your console or stream from your phone.

With Stadia you still have to buy the games.


It’s more like a games-only equivalent of the Apple/Google app stores crossed with the Play Games app (in the case of Google, don’t know if there’s an Apple equivalent).

On the one hand, Steam is a storefront that lets you buy and download games. On the other hand, it’s a launcher that you install and run your games through and earn achievements etc.

True Stadia is more like Amazon Prime :slight_smile: you get some for free but pay in addition for premium content.

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Help. How do I continue the campaign ??

Select ‘OPEN DIRECTOR’ and choose where you want to go on the map


As above, you’ll have indicators on planets to show where you can go, or navigate to the quests screen from the director where it will tell you what you need to do next

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Got it, thanks.
Got confused when I click open director there was loads of stuff there. So I found the one which said " Continue quest " and now its ok

I loaded the game back up and seem to be playing with online players ? It says " No room for error " and i’m supposed to get precision final blows but even when I get a kill the percentage doesn’t rise

I was doing the campaign but now seem to be playing with other people doing a mission

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OK I’m guessing I need to buy " Beyond Light " to proceed ? I’ve done most of the bounty missions…

Just got GTA5. Looks fun like cyberpunk.

Precision final blows are killing enemies with headshots!

They’re just tasks you need to complete to progress the story! It involves cooperating and playing with other random players

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be able to play the first missions from the other campaigns, then you’ll either need to buy them individually or as a package. You can get the bundle of all 3 on a good offer atm, depending if you want virtual or digital, and what platform you’re on!

fall guys

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