Buying things made in the UK

Due to Brexit (here we go), I’ve progressively come to the conclusion that we don’t tend to make a lot of the things we buy and use every day. Because of this realisation, it’s made me want to try and support our own goods a lot more, but there are definitely things that just aren’t made here. :uk:

For example, I’ve had my OnePlus 3T :iphone: for a few years now, Chinese made as far as I’m aware. Now that I’m on the lookout for a new phone (I’m thinking about getting a Pixel 3a XL), it’s proving difficult to find anything locally made.

Has anyone else tried to be conscious about what they’re buying like me? If so, what do you tend to buy, that is made locally? Have you hit any walls like I have? :triumph:

(If anyone knows about any phones made at least in Europe / North America, I’d love to get some recommendations) :ok_hand:

  • Yes, I try to buy locally made products.
  • No, I don’t mind where my products come from.

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You saw the IT Crowd episode about things made in Britain, right? Put me off for life…


PC made in China £299
PC made in UK £999999


There are no phones made in the U.K. almost none of that happened here except for the raspberry pi and other special purpose devices.

However there’s lots of other UK made things, not particularly hard to find.

Depends on what you mean by “made.”

Complex items, like cars, are often assembled in Britain, using many major components from Europe. The Mini is made in Britain, but the crankshaft starts it’s life in Spain. It’s then sent to Britain to have further work done, Then to Germany to be put in the engine, then back to Britain to be put in the final car.


Buy whatever is best.

Made - or more accurately - engineered in the UK is something we need to urgently retain and promote to the global market. There are UK companies outputting amazing products to territories beyond their native area (Monzo US anyone?). The history and current performance of UK engineering delivering successful products should never be underestimated.


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That’s a good point! Ideally I’m looking for things that are manufactured in the UK, and if not here, at least in Europe. I think its important that we support all types of work, assembly included. I understand outsourcing is cheaper, but it’s a shame that it’s such a popular business decision.

That’s the spirit! I think at the time of creating this thread, I was more thinking about the manufacturing that goes into a product. We have great brands outsourcing to places with incredibly cheaper labour. Yes, it’d cost a company an insane amount more to hire a local workforce here. But supporting your country’s workforce is so important!

1 Like is UK based and they make smartphones.

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And there’s a reason it’s not exactly doing so well

I try to buy British and in extension locally produced items but this tends to be mainly just food and even then only if it isn’t that much a difference in price to the market.

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Wileyfox was asmartphone company based in the UK. I used a few of their handsets but the company never took off, a nd ended up failing several times despite backing from Amazon.

Welcome to the U.K. reality :frowning:

This is a reflection of something I was observing last week in looking at the regeneration of old industrial areas etc. We are very good at the service industries but if we’re going to last, sooner or later we’ve got to stop selling stuff to each other and start to actually produce more things. The downside is that this probably means higher prices and (at the moment) potential quality issues since we are very out of practice at all this. Whether we can support an industrial base that supports our salary expectations as a nation, I don’t know.


Cool to see that there is a UK phone brand though, but I can’t say I’m too into their Swift 2 X Gold.

I feel that we need more companies to make the commitment to hire a local workforce. It’s sad knowing that whenever you buy clothes for example, a country on the other side of the world is benefiting, but the person in that country is subjected to horrible working conditions and incredibly minuscule pay. :disappointed:

I think a lot of companies (and workers) underestimate the benefits of a short commute.


I buy locally whenever I can but that tends to be limited to small household items, etc. Hard to find ANY item that doesn’t have an origin outside of the UK. Sure that trendy t-shirt was printed here but likely came from overseas.

As for tech, or cars, or anything complex. I doubt there is any one country in the world that owns the entire chain from start to finish, even China imports some basic materials.