Buying shares


Is anyone interested in selling some of their shares? Am I allowed to ask? I know there are rules in place for selling.

I will ask anyway unless told otherwise.

I would like to buy if the price is right. It looks like the next round is quite some way off now.

(Marcel Ruhf) #2

Not at the moment. It’s very unlikely to be allowed unless there is an IPO.



(Marcel Ruhf) #4

Why want out so fast?


They want to buy not sell!


Buy buy buy!

(Marcel Ruhf) #7

Ah, misread it.
In yesterday’s Open Office, @tom hinted that there might a new Crowdfunding round in 6 months - but it’s not set in stone yet, so could be later.


He said in six months, not six consecutive months, so it is in six non consecutive months time then!


From other posts here it doesn’t seem out of the question if selling a whole ‘block’ from a round, as Monzo and Crowdcube have allowed this.

Finding someone willing to sell at the right price however may be a different matter!


The selling is subject to special circumstances terms.

(Herp Derp) #11

I will sell 1 share for 1 bitcoin


To make it simple. Yes you can, you just have to find someone who wants to sell an entire block from a crowdfunding round and then contact Crowdcube and Monzo in order to get it approved.

He said: “Our next round won’t be for at least six months, I don’t think.” If correcting someone please correct the right way and not just another confusing statement. :wink:


Agreed, but my impression is ‘special circumstances’ is, in practice, fairly widely interpreted.

Of course, I’ve not been through the process myself though, so happy to be corrected!