Buying an S23

Hi there

I purchased an S23 from Samsung for £699. I got the 256GB model because why not right?

It looks like it ticks all the normal boxes, but I’m always a little paranoid about Google services, and tracking, yet I use an iPhone? Honestly, I don’t use my phone as much more than a music streamer and odd texts… does it matter?

Guess what I’m asking from the well adjusted moguls of the Monzo forum, how much does one need to worry? I’d run GrapheneOS on a Pixel, but the battery life of those with those “Tensor” / cough Exynos chips is supposed to be terrible.

(Suppose it supports LDAC (I got XM3s) too, which my iPhone doesn’t… thinking as an HSBC customer I can use samsung pay too lol)

Did you do a search before posting a new thread?

Otherwise I don’t really get the question. You have an iPhone and bought an S23, and are asking for people to justify the purchase? Does what matter? Worry about what? It’s all a bit cryptic.


There are a huge number of things to worry about. Which phone is in your pocket isn’t really one of them, though.

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the privacy aspect. but I think you’ve covered that it’s a moot point.

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Having recently switched to Android I was positively surprised at the amount of privacy controls available. Worth thoroughly exploring the Security and Privacy section in settings to see if it has enough to alleviate your concerns.

If particularly concerned about Google, search settings for “Activity Controls”.

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Ah, no. i’m still on the iPhone, I just didn’t understand the exclusions during the promotion. They didn’t offer the S23U 256gb on o2 open discount, yet part of the offer was getting the 256gb version for the price of the 128gb phone, however the o2 open discount didn’t apply to the 256gb version, but it did apply to the 128gb version, which you couldn’t get during the promotion

So they were basically saying “no o2 open discount for you because of this odd promotion”

I am using the s23 ultra 512 and came from the iPhone. I found no issues with security and really liked the customisation. I got mine from amazon and pre ordered it back in February. I also thought battery life was really good having the qualcom chip.

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Sorry I’m even more confused now! :sweat_smile: I was linking OP to your thread to show that there’s a readily available discussion for S23 so the creation of a second thread wasn’t really warranted.

To answer OP’s question on privacy, nothing is private anymore. Facebook listens to you even on iPhone (I have had so many creepy experiences); and Google sees anything you do in any of their apps, regardless of platform.

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I’ve got the S23 Ultra 512 but got mine via the Samsung EPP store upgrading from an S22 Ultra 512 which had been my first Android phone for many years. Security for me doesn’t feel any different from my previous iPhones and tied in with a great camera, good battery life and performance I’m really happy with it


I would consider moving back, but I’m too deep into the ecosystem, that and Samsung closed their shop in Leeds, so no in store repairs or replacements there :joy:

My AirPod pro gen 2s went through the wash my accident, were mostly okay after they dried out, but the noise cancelling died, Apple replaced them in warranty as it failed their test in store, phew

I do not recommend washing the AirPods


Are we all from Leeds or something - lol?

No i an down south :wink: