Buying a car

Fair enough !
Got through in the end and basically it is moving along but still be a while until I get a response :+1:t3:

Pretty much. 500+ cases, a staff death and now potential strike action means it’s better to forget it then you’ll just get a surprise at some point

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Use this time to do lots of research on owning a car, common issues, frequently asked questions about insurance, tax and so on.

It will save you lots of time, effort and stress for the future.


Thanks dude.
Yeah I’ve narrowed it down to one car, a price range, etc.

What car? :eyes:

Which car? :slightly_smiling_face:


Lamborghini Urus?

Bugatti Chiron?

I’m really curious about the choice of car, but it seems that the forum only works when asking, not being asked :thinking:


This kind of thing is so frustrating… long queues, hold messages about exceptional demand, and how do they respond? They make you speak to 5 members of staff to solve one query! No wonder they’re “busy” - it’s utterly pathetic!

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