Buy nothing day! - 26th Nov 2021

Yes - totally - in fact I’d be really happy to chat to any of the Flux family including any pets - that would be terrific, I love Flux !

In related news: Black Friday: Which? warns over price offers - BBC News

Eek - yes, black friday is heck of a “dark pattern”

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I was looking at a smaller vacuum cleaner to keep upstairs, so I don’t have to lug the Dyson upstairs so often. Even small Dysons are expensive, so I was looking at other brands too.

Found one called Halo Capsule. Interesting design, seems to have done well in tests (Good Housekeeping etc), and a Black Friday offer of 40% off retail price.


I did a Google search for some more reviews (due diligence), and every single review I found? They said the RRP was £249. Which is the same as the 40% off Black Friday offer :thinking:

As a result, doesn’t matter how good it may be, I’m now making a point of NOT buying that particular vacuum because they’re blatantly inventing their price reduction.


I totally forgot about this site I used to use all the time called CamelCamelCamel:

It shows the price history of any Amazon listing, well worth checking this before grabbing a supposed black Friday deal!


I bought a CPU fan yesterday only because my old one doesn’t fit my new CPU which I aimed to install yesterday. But it felt a good time to buy because the one I was looking at was down from £49.99 to just £35!

Out of curiosity, put it into this and, guess what 8 months ago it was £30. Interesting stuff, thanks for the link!

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