Business Call Never happened

Set up call with Jordan Shwide at Monzo, sat on call for 15 minutes no one turned up. Very concerned that if you set up business meeting and then nothing happens what will happen with a real business issue?
I really need to move away from HSBC but Monzo lack of interest has forced me to look elsewhere, Sterling Bank seems the next best thing. Even emailing to Mr. Shwide I get no reply even so I am really trying to work with Monzo. Hopefully someone will get back to me before I have to make a decision?

Come on Monzo get your act together otherwise you will lose me for good as I will not change again unless they turn out as bad as HSBC.


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Do you mean this guy? @jrdn

Hopefully now I’ve tagged him he will see this and you can move forward :slight_smile:

I’m not overly familiar with business banking but @jackcully is a familiar face that I keep seeing around business discussions so perhaps he could step in and help too :crossed_fingers:

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:wave: Hi Bob - Jordan here. Sorry for the confusion! I think this has something to do with the calendar tool that we use to schedule user research sessions on. It allowed a double booking at the same time - and I thought I cancelled the double booking with a note in the tool!

I’m sorry that you ended up waiting on the call. We had 3 user calls scheduled that day - definitely would not want to intentionally miss you!

I’ll look into why that happened, and we can set up another time to chat!


Hi Jordan, thanks for getting back to me. As I said I am planning on leaving HSBC and I have a Monzo personal and joint account. I currently want to change from HSBC business banking as I am paying a lot in fees, over £20/m for the pleasure of banking what them. I really don’t get value for money and it is a real pain to work with them since they want companies to be paying the account 10’s thousands per month. So I really get zero focus from them. I’m looking for a bank that works with Xero, gives me notifications of payments and deposits in real time. Keep records for international payments, including any notes or descriptions (HSBC loses this after the payment). Etc. We can discuss this when we speak. I have sent you an email to arrange a date next week.