Business Accounts - Why have I heard nothing from Monzo?

Might be nice to actually get any emails off Monzo at all relating to business accounts… BTW HOW TO YOU “DM” on this forum ???

By clicking on a persons name then pressing message to DM them.

Completely agree. In the background Monzo are making remarkable progress and I am a happy customer and a Beta tester for the Android app. Saying they are being dismissive and not good for future business. For crying out loud talk about over the top reactions!! No business is perfect especially those who are new to the game. How about resting in the knowledge that this ‘oversight’ will be picked up and even a standard email / letter template drafted to not rub people up the wrong way next time? :roll_eyes:

Any further update?

Hey @don_quixote!

We’re still working behind the scenes - specifically on making sure we get the sign up process right. It’s super important to us that we’re able to make sure you can get signed up quickly, easily and without fuss - so we’re putting all our efforts into that at the moment.

We really want to update everyone properly with some solid timelines in the next few weeks, but for now we don’t have anything more than this! As soon as we can give you more updates, we absolutely will :blush:

We’ve got some really cool things we’re excited about - like integrations with accountancy tools, multiple user access and the current account switch service, all very much in the works too (just to name a few!). We’ll be back with a proper, comprehensive update in the coming weeks, so we really appreciate your patience, as ever!

Any questions, please do let me know :+1:


Are you going to release a MVP first, and then integrate the features? I for one would be very (very) happy to have an account with features similar to the Personal account, with integrations and switching coming later. I don’t even have a need for multiple users so personally having to wait months to sign up so stuff like that can be completed would be frustrating :slight_smile: I know you’re going as fast as you can though.

I’ve only just started contracting again as a Ltd company, and last week my invoice got paid two days early, but I had no idea as Natwest doesn’t notify you, so I could have paid off a load of bills early. If I’d been with Monzo I’d have known straight away, but normally I’d have no reason to keep checking as I can’t remember the last time an invoice was early :laughing:


If you need more testers who don’t care much about the signup process… just shout :slight_smile:.

Would you ship with Freeagent initially? (Or are you doing Xero first like Starling did?)


Hey @caspararemi! We’re actually already doing this with 100 business at the moment. We’ve kept it super tight with just those 100 so we can be really close to the very beginning of the account, but we’ll hopefully be able to start to slowly offer more accounts soon!

We really, really appreciate the willingness though, and as ever, your enthusiasm for what we’re trying to do here :smile:

@duncang - on your question, we’re hoping to start with both right off the bat, but we’re not ready just yet!



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Hey Jack,
Realise you guys are working hard but any information on timeline in providing the business account would be great. I signed up for the account late so not bothered about not being on the trial. However Since the initial trial has been going for 4 months and business accounts aren’t generally complex…would it be possible to release the account in beta form for us all to work with. Every one of us works on timelines so would be good to have get this now.

I believe they said they will update in the next few weeks.

So I would assume before the end of June

Just to provide a counterpoint and set straight a few misconceptions from folks in this thread that Monzo have kept folks in the dark here…
I personally think Monzo have actually done a great job at communicating honestly and regularly!

I’m very keen on getting a Monzo Business account the second they become available, so could easily be impatient about it.
However they set my expectations fairly right from the start so I’m understanding of it - the opening sentence in the sign-up response email was “We’re going to roll out our business accounts slowly, so please don’t worry if you don’t hear from us for a while.”!

Here’s the email I received as soon as I submitted my email into the waiting list form back in February:

Since then, there’s been no shortage of regular emails from Monzo mentioning the ongoing work to deliver business accounts:

If you didn’t receive the initial “You’re on the Monzo business account waiting list” email, @Lbwcomms, perhaps you’ve got some sort of spam filter or something blocking emails from Monzo?

If you search for “Monzo” in your email, do you see anything at all - like, have you ever even received their regular newsletter emails or notifications about your own personal account signup?


Monzo do not give timelines!!!

In this case it would be hard to give a timeline!

Better to say soon than to keep changing the date each time something needs a bit more work

I really hope Monzo launch their business accounts soon. Currently with Barclays and want to change. I opened a Starling account but hoping the Monzo accounts come soon so holding off on using Starling just yet!


Chris I have heard they have just issued another 50 accounts to VIP’s , so be nice and keep silent and you maybe offered an account . Good luck :see_no_evil:

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How did you hear?

It can’t be far off. A lot of this seems to have been added to the latest Android release :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots of the signup process too :slight_smile:


Just a thought for today, especially is it seems everything has gone a little quiet with the business account updates and feedback, I was wondering how many people have signed up for the waiting list. Perhaps @jackcully could give us an idea