Bunq Feedback


That does look pretty damn slick.


It’d be nice if they made their card free of charge to keep though. 10 euro is great but if you can’t keep the card after a month, you’ll never spend it :eyes:

(Ben Talbot) #44

Yeah, I deactivate it for months I’m not in continental Europe. It’s instantly reactivated on the card(s) you have, when you want


Why would I want to pay for that though :thinking: all my other banks give me free cards.

(Ben Talbot) #46

Most of them don’t give you Maestros, though. It’s a small, rare requirement, but it’s nice to have it just in case in some countries, like the Netherlands


I’m trying to have people send feedback to ideas@n26.com so they’ll consider offering one - since they already issue them in Germany :eyes:

Feel free to send an email. A few of my irl friends have as well as some people on the forums.

Edit: is your like confirmation that you’ll email them too? :eyes: