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So we have threads about N26, Revolut etc… but there wasn’t a dedicated thread for Dutch FinTech/Neo-bank Bunq until now :slight_smile:

I know they are not in the UK and I have not seen any announcement from them to come to the UK in near future. I opened a free account with them a while ago which to just try and see what are they all about. I must say I have been really impressed with their ethics, community and some amazing features.

They offer all the typical Fintech bank features like instant notification, no paper etc… They are big in that they don’t play with customers money and will not invest unethically. They offer bunq.me but unlike Monzo, it’s very restrictive. Their basic free account does not come with a debit card, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to get the full feature account which comes with group accounts and access to API.

I think Monzo could learn a lot from Bunq and would love to see some of their features in Monzo. There are things which Monzo is doing better than them already.


A few screenshots from Bunq app

(Kevyn) #3

I also have a bunq account and I agree, their app has great features and the bank good ethics. I really like you can have up to 25 full accounts with them and wish Monzo would go in this direction with pots.

If bunq came to the UK, I would probably make it my main billing account at least, if I didn’t want to pay the fee. Monzo hasn’t even taken my main billing account yet!

(Tony) #4

They have a limit for Dodgy payments?


They explain a bit what they class as dodgy :grinning:

(Leon) #6

It’s a bit of a weird thing to call it though isn’t it?

(Simon B) #7

Didn’t they do some kind of authentication where you had to scan your hand?

(Andy) #8

They also have a very nice card (which is why I signed up) in portrait mode, controversially

(Simon B) #9

Do you get both a Maestro and Mastercard when you sign up, or do you get to choose?

Mastercard acceptance is pretty low in rural parts of Holland, and Maestro is more common, so I know when they first started, Maestro was the only option.


You can have either or or both. They offer you 3 cards and you can pick or choose.


The app looks more polished than monzo but not quite as good as n26


Can you open an account with them if you live in England?




and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland…


What would be the one thing about them that other fintechs in the UK don’t have?


Real accounts rather than Pots or Goals that have no account numbers

Multiple cards if you need more than one

Two PINs per card so you can withdraw from any combination of two accounts (think main account and one Pot)

Only issue is they do NOT do £ accounts…only €


This looks like a good option fo those looking for Euro denominated cards (no pesky DCC) before Starling launches their Euro accounts ( and hopefully cards with Euro as a base currency) :yum:


You can also do this :point_down: which really cool. Not sure about the laws on UK and if this can be implemented by Monzo sometime in future. @Rika would you please check if UK banks can do something like this… :thinking:

(Andy) #19

Be wary of Bunq if you’re just exploring.

I’ve been charged £8 after my first “free” month. Apparently ordering a bank card is a “premium” feature.

It wasn’t at all clear at the time, considering the dozens of banks I’ve had have all come with a free bank card :roll_eyes:


If you deactivate the cards, you can keep the and reactivate them if ever needed. At a cost of €8, granted, which is way too much.