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Sofirstly load Revolut with Euros, then transfer them via SEPA to Bunq.

Seems like a faff when there are plenty of cards you can just simply load.

For sure it’s a faff, and I don’t see the appeal for UK users!
But I thought it was a bit unfair to rip into their fee structure when it actually feels similar to Monzo fees.

Do Bunq charge for UK withdrawals?


(I don’t understand why anyone would get this over Starling / Revolut)

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Yes - 99 cents. Which is pretty unique amongst the competition. I downloaded the app, and was ordering the card, but took a second look at the t’s and c’s. Nein danke.

If you get their “Premium” account (at £7.99 per month) you get 10 cash withdrawals for free, then it costs 99c.

Not sure it’s worth that much a month but they do have interesting features like Pots having their own IBAN and multiple card types.

You do, but the 10 withdrawals are effectively costing you 79.9 cents per withdrawal! Not sure that many people will want or need 25 different IBANs. They also only issue Maestro cards to German, Dutch and Austrian customers.

#Bunq launches metal card and plants a tree for every €100 spent

Fintech startup Bunq is launching a metal card called the Green Card. While some banks offer a cashback program with premium cards, Bunq is offering a special kind of “cashback”. For every €100 spent, Bunq plants a tree. The company has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to finance reforestation around the globe.


This is greenwash. Better just to donate to a charity that plants trees!


Wow. 99 a year. That’s ridiculous…


I just took another look at Bunq today, and saw the Green card.

Guessing nobody here has sprung for it?

Best part, it’s a pre-paid card. Not super clear on who this is aimed at!

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bunq has struggled from the start to find a workable free of charge tier, though I’m not really sure why.

They studiously avoided making any money on the original free package, for example, sending me two cards during the trial, then disabling them after a month… So they’ve sat in a drawer not gathering interchange fees every since :man_shrugging:

It looks like this is another misguided attempt to attract customers who won’t pay the monthly fee. Sort of differentiating between prepaid cards and full accounts

And the best is that while the green card is a pre paid, the plastic “travel card” is credit

Quite incredible that they kill the travel card the moment you order the green card. Delivery was 3 months away when orders opened.
…they do invite you to use the new card right away for online orders…

Don’t get it at all :man_shrugging:


Green Card and Travel Card both is listed as Credit, bunq don’t offer pre-paid cards only debit and credit