🇧🇬 Monzo in Bulgaria

Yeah, no issues at all

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I agree and had the same experience. I now always have to carry a back up card as monzo can’t always be relied upon like mainstream banks

Apple Pay showing the same error invalid card, is there a chance Apple Pay is generating different version of this BIN which is rejected by BORICA again on the contactless POS?

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NO card can be relied upon. I’ve had far fewer issues with Monzo (not in Bulgaria but overall) than most cards. I always say at least three different issuers and networks should be carried at all times.

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Most probably this is the issue as I found in Apple Pay dev pages that “This BIN will differ from the BIN of the underlying card“


Diana, where in Bulgaria did you go?

I’m going to Bansko next week so trying to find out if I can rely on Monzo for ATM / restaurant payments.

Hi, I was only in Sofia and Plovdiv and had no problems with the card. Not sure about Bansko, but it’s a touristy place so imagine businesses would be taking cards. Maybe ask the place where you’re staying?

Diana Danova

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Thanks for responding Diana…
I’ve ended up getting cash to cover all bases.

I’ll give the card a go to check.

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Hi David, I too am going to Bansko this week. Hopefully it works out, I’ve put all my eggs in one basket! Fingers crossed. Will let you know how I get on.


Just came back from Bulgaria (Sofia and Plovdiv specifically)

No issues using Monzo card. Ranging from restaurants to supermarkets to local corner shops + Vitosha mountain cable car.

Can I use my card while on holiday in Bulgaria?

There’s a whole topic discussing peoples experience with using Monzo in Bulgaria below…

Hope this helps

and here:

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Thank you. That’s all I needed to know. Will make sure I take enough cash or just transfer it to my friend

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If you read to the end of that thread you’ll see that most recent visits to Bulgaria have had no issues using Monzo. That was certainly my experience when I was there.

I used 2 different ATMs to withdraw cash, and my card about 20 times in various locations. Worked fine every time :+1: