🇧🇬 Monzo in Bulgaria

(Diana Danova) #105

Yeah, no issues at all

(Katie Penberthy) #106

I agree and had the same experience. I now always have to carry a back up card as monzo can’t always be relied upon like mainstream banks

(vebaev) #107

Apple Pay showing the same error invalid card, is there a chance Apple Pay is generating different version of this BIN which is rejected by BORICA again on the contactless POS?

(Allie) #108

NO card can be relied upon. I’ve had far fewer issues with Monzo (not in Bulgaria but overall) than most cards. I always say at least three different issuers and networks should be carried at all times.

(vebaev) #109

Most probably this is the issue as I found in Apple Pay dev pages that “This BIN will differ from the BIN of the underlying card“