[Bug] Exit account creation

Once you start the account creation process, you cannot exit out of it to log into another account. This means you have to uninstall and reinstall the application to log into another account.
Details to reproduce:
Start the account creation process and then try to find a way to log into an account.
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: 3.3.0


I think this is intended.

It is so that when you’re part way through the account creation process, you can leave and pick it back up where you left off.

Also… if you try to create an account with an email address that is already associated with an account it will automatically take you through the login process - and vice-versa.

Sure, it’s useful in the way that you can pick it back up where I left off, but if I no longer want to set up a new account, I can’t back out of the process to log into another account.

Scenario that happened:

I am logged into my Monzo account, suggest that my girlfriend makes an account because Monzo is super cool. So I log out of Monzo and she starts the account creation process on my phone. For whatever reason we realized that we couldn’t go through with the process; so abandon the idea and I try and get back into my account. However, we were stuck on the account creation process since there is no way of getting back to the log in screen without finishing the whole account creation process.

I don’t think this is intended functionality.

All I’m saying is that this has been brought up and there are no plans to change it :slight_smile:

You can’t be logged into Monzo on more than one device at a time either. So your girlfriend needs to create an account on her own phone.

Did you delete the app, and reinstall?

That’s what I had to do, yes.

Why do you keep bringing up issues that have no relation to the issue I’m putting forward?

Do you have a link to where this has been brought up before so I can see the justification for it?

It is in relation. You said it was an issue because she used your phone and logged you out of your own account :confused:

There are lots of topics. In the top right corner of the website is a magnifying glass, type in here and you’ll be able to search the forums :slight_smile:

Sounds like the uninstall is the expected route to take.

I’d say the process is better for business with users not to be able to back out of it, unless they uninstall.

In other words, I’d say it isn’t a bug, it’s how Monzo has designed it to be. I’m not an employee, so it’s just my opinion, but that’s how I’d design it.

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I’m not saying it should scrap the account creation progress; It should just give you the ability to log in (or continue account creation process). In my opinion, as an experienced software engineer, this is a bug, so we will leave it to them to decide as whether or not they address it.

Reiterated, I literally could not use the application because of the steps I had taken, that is bad software design.

Whenever anyone gets challenged nowadays they’re always an expert.

Sorry, I don’t understand the intent or purpose for this comment. Do you doubt my experience, or are you upset about the fact that I brought it up?