Budgeting Improvements

Your budgeting is very complicated. I like that I have groups for each of the spend categories and show me how much is left against that group. I like that you identify regular payment commitments. Where I think improvement could be made is:

Total at the top could have two bars, one showing committed spend (groups you’ve allocated) and pre-spend. This would allow me to see how much of the total spend is left to come out in a quick glance.
Then another bar which tells me the total in my account minus the committed and planned spend.

I think that’s what you’re trying to do but the user experience is terrible. I just quickly want to know if I’m overspending and I’m unlikely to be able to meet my set spending groups and the regular payments.

Also when I look at the overall account page you tell me there’s X amount left for 26 days and the balance in the bank account could be less that this. It tells me I’m green, if I’m saying my spend should be X and my account has a lower value then telling me everything is green is way off base.

Hope this helps improve a great product.

If you don’t set a budget then this is how it works. If you do set a budget then those figures are used instead.

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