Budget Summary Exclusion and Linked Payments

I don’t know if there’s a way to do this already and I just haven’t found it, but here’s my issue:

I have pots for things like taxis (and various other things like large purchases for my household, vet costs for my pet etc., but taxi is probably the simplest scenario to explain), and I like to manage these costs outside of my budget for the month, so they aren’t included in my budget summary.

When I get an uber, I can exclude the transaction just fine, and this works well. However, if the cost is shared, if someone then pays me back for their half of the uber using linked payments, I can’t exclude the payment, and this throws my entire budget summary out of whack. At the moment I have a +12 sitting in Travel costs that is making it seem like I have £12 more than I actually have to spend, with no way to exclude the payment. Is excluding linked payments of excluded costs a feature that could be added, or is there a way to manage this that I just haven’t figured out yet?


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This has been brought up a lot, hopefully Monzo will fix

Get them to Monzo.me the money, you can include in budget then