Budget screen does not include standing order payments from the next month

I get paid on the 15th of each month so my budget cycle is 15th-14th. When I go to the budgets screen the ‘Committed spending’ section only includes payments from this month, not the full 30 days.

In my example:
£1300 paid in on the 15th.
Standing order setup to pay £132 every Thu with a category of ‘Family’
There are 4 Thursdays between 15th May and 14th June, so under ‘Committed spending’ the ‘Family’ category should have a value of £528. But it shows £264.

Details to reproduce:
Set the budget cycle to span a straddle two months
Schedule a standing weekly standing order and give it a category (i.e. £25)

Expected: Category value under ‘Committed spending’ includes 4 x the standing order amount (i.e. £100)
Actual: Category value under ‘Committed spending’ only includes 2 x the standing order amount (i.e. £50)

OS: Android 10
Device: Pixel 4 XL
App Version: 3.33.0