Broken Phone - Cannot access app to authorize

Hi Colin,

Thanks, but no unfortunately the only thing you can do over desktop is freeze your card and view recent transactions. It’s frustratingly limited.


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That’s a tough one.

Can you temporarily log into Monzo on someone else’s phone for the authorisation? I know that’s a bit difficult at the moment if you live alone.

I live alone so not an option either unfortunately.

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Tesco sell phones. They’ll be open tomorrow.

Get their cheapest phone, download Monzo to it, and you’ll have a spare phone if you need one.

How are you accessing the forum now - Mac/PC/Chromebook?

Probably a PC, but the web monzo can’t do what he’s needing

Hi David, I’m on my laptop.

Which is… Mac (OSX), PC (Win10), Chromebook?

Sorry, I’m running Windows 10

Thanks. Not the easiest to work around unfortunately.
Do you have an iPad or Android tablet lying around?

No I don’t have a tablet or iPad. I thought I’d be ok when I fired up my old Samsung Galaxy S2 but Google doesn’t support this anymore nor am I able to upgrade the software on it for some reason.

If the only device you currently have is the Win10 laptop, then installing Bluestacks could work, depending on your software/systems skills. It basically allows your Win10 laptop to securely run Android apps, like the Monzo app.

Further information in this topic; Monzo without a Phone


Really frustrating that they have an SMS authorization function for online payments but not via e-mail.

I’ll have a look into this, thank you David

Tricky situation but do you have no other cards you could use, credit card etc? Could you pay via PayPal instead?

I do have a PayPal account but I would have to gain access to the app to transfer money.

Go into Tesco buy a phone with your card authorise by pin pad no online confirmation required

If there was a simple getaround for the requirement to authorise a transaction, it would be a serious security issue in my opinion.

That said, Stuart won’t be the first, nor likely to be the last, to find himself in this predicament.

How easy is it to access your account on an alternative, or new, phone?

Can the app be technically open on two phones at same time?

Never had an issue to date, touch wood, so am curious of these potential further hurdles to access on a new device.

If one is Android and the other is iOS, then it’s possible, I believe.

Edit: If all of tour devices are on one platform, logging in on one will log you out of any others.


@StuartP if you buy from somewhere that accepts PayPal and have a reasonable credit history you could potentially apply for and pay through PayPal credit.

Not sure if you need a phone to setup or authorise PayPal credit but might be worth a try if the Bluestacks solution doesn’t work and you don’t want to go to a supermarket to buy a phone.

Also, several retailers offer their own 0% finance or buy now pay later options.