British Gas error

Think they got the calculations wrong when adjusting them was paying £80 a month


Why does that episode of Bottom spring to mind… GAS MAN!!!


Looks fine to me :eyes:

…nothing to see here, all perfectly legitimate…

Not sure why you’d even question it

In all seriousness, what is the email address? This screams scam and a pretty poor one at that.

When one gif is not enough




No is legit!!

Have been in touch with them and they admit it’s an error and have reset my payments to what they was!

Don’t even use that much at work with the kitchen on all day!!!

That Will Ferrell one has me in stitches :rofl::rofl:

Ahh good old British Gas and their bill calculation “errors” - it’s funny how it never goes the other way :cowboy_hat_face:

Just like when my account suddenly went -£2,500 but because the computer said it was correct that’s what I owed. Thankfully the Ombudsman rescued me :superhero:


It amazes me that those just get sent out and debited though - like is there not a check for when a recalculation hits say +50% of average payment.


You would of thought they would have some sort of system in place to stop it happening

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Someone had a bad winter by the looks of it :wink:

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If only that was the explanation!!! Lol we are currently in credit with them!!! :joy:

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We don’t use gas because we don’t know what it is.


That’s odd!

Is there some sort of problem, officer?

It’s just a strange reading.

What does it say?

Nought, nought, nought, nought nought, nought, nought!

Yep. That’d be right. We don’t use gas, do we, Eddie? - I don’t even know what it is! - All right, don’t spoil it!

How do you keep it so warm in here, then?

We make love! Not together, you understand. On our own.