Bring Section 75 protection to Monzo Flex

Monzo is a very clever big brain company flex later transactions don’t qualify for section 75 protection.

Here are some ideas to bring section 75 protection to Monzo flex when paying with a physical card:

  • Issue a physical Monzo flex card with a default repayment period on each transaction
  • Created a ‘passthrough’ mode toggle where the Monzo flex card is charged directly using the standard Monzo card


This is 12 months if you don’t select a plan.

There’s no plans a physical card will be provided and so far it’s worked well as it is, so unlikely it’ll ever become physical.

You can add and use the virtual card directly for this.

Transactions purchased via Flex are covered by Section 75 provided they meet the relevant criteria.

One of which is that a virtual Flex card is used, so it wouldn’t apply to purchases made using a physical card, which what the OP is trying to achieve.

Section 75 only applies to transactions made with your virtual Flex card.

Ah my bad, I misread.

I think @Konhub is basically suggesting a physical Flex card is issued, so a bit like a credit card, but with fixed repayments.

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Looking at how Chase have their card, a similar format wouldn’t go a miss, one card, multiple uses.

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