Brexit: If you could vote again, would you now vote differently?


A lot of us (leave voters) are uncomfortable with the level of sovereignty being pooled. We want to decide our own rules/regulations, fishing quotas, environmental standards, trade policy etc. A lot of which we can’t do under the EU, we don’t mind being part of shared schemes, common defence strategies etc. If it was simply free trade and some cross country co-operation then it’d be fine, which is what it originally was meant to be.

I, like Tony Benn, think the power has shifted to far from the people and the EU is a symbol of that. People in distant places holding power that should be at a local, or country specific level


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Keep it civil

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I think the last paragraph is the one that drives the running for cover need

The rest was a reasonable arguement for the leave cause. That one, unfortunately, just reads (to me) as an attack on anyone who disagrees with you and undoes much of the coherence of what went before. I’m sorry if I’ve misread it in some way but your follow up post appears to reinforce that interpretation. :worried: