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So you’re going to ignore advice of Japan, Obama’s America, as well as the Bank of England who said a no deal brexit will screw us.

I agree with this, I’m not sure why we should be contributing to EU projects when they’re going to be cutting us off from them.

No, we won’t. May’s deal cripples our trade opportunity and we have no deals signed in the event of no deal. We can’t rely on Canada and Japan welcoming us to the trans-pacific trade union.

JCJ? Regardless of what it stands for, EU is in a better position to us considering there’s 27 countries that trade with each other with companies moving to them to fill our place.

Don’t believe that, we’re nothing special anymore. We’re simply a country with some nuclear weapons. We don’t have a massive empire that spans half of the globe anymore. This is the problem, we can’t sustain ourselves like we used to - we need the EU for frictionless trade, or we need a lot of trade deals. We should remain a member of EFTA to make the best of both worlds on this front.

I don’t believe this at all, I’d prefer my people to have some doubt in our country. The people who voted mainly voted on one or two things.

Do you think we haven’t betrayed the people of Gibraltar? They voted 94% to stay in the EU. Now we’re giving their sovereignity partially to Spain. We’ve just made it awkward for anyone with foreign relatives in the EU to visit them for extended periods without a visa.

We only left because people were unhappy with our immigration statistics. I don’t think its right to forget about the rest of the great things the EU introduced.

Let’s not forget our government has actually broken EU privacy laws and will do so even further the second we leave. I don’t want a surveillance state paired with one that has Snoopers Charter and no EU keeping them back.

Sounds like nationalism, not patriotism.

Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, apologies for replying. Feel free to most this post if necessary @ mods


Finally finished reading! You either have text pre written for all situations or type like a mad man! Good effort.

I for one am proud of what the country has decided to do and respect the outcome of the vote. Even if I didn’t agree I would still feel a responsibility to support it. For me greater national independence is a good thing. We rise or fall together, but the majority should always rule.

We shall see what happens :sunglasses:

JCJ - Jean-Claude Juncker. President of the European Commission :wink:

Brexit Chat
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some people have very polarised views on Brexit , which thankfully isn’t discussed very often on these threads - discussion often get very heated , there is a dedicated thread to brexit should you be massochistic enough to want to discuss it , can I respectfully ask you to discuss it there :slight_smile:

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I’ve moved 15 posts of Brexit stuff out of the ‘Biggest threat to Monzo’ thread to here. If you’re on either side of the debate, half of what’s written here appears to be utter nonsense so let’s keep it all together and out of the way of other threads.

My apologies for any discontinuities that result.


:joy::rofl: One side will always appear to be nonsense depending which side of the fence/channel you want to sit. :sunglasses:

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Clearly, I personally sit on the side of reason and common sense. :innocent:


Nice to see you’re a remainer :wink:


We all do :angel::sunglasses:


Too true, I’d be banned if I said what I feel! Fortunately I have other places to discuss it where they are not so delicate :wink:

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It’s gonna be a no deal Brexit, she’s got no chance in hell of pulling this off and the fact she’s now pulled tomorrow’s vote shows it.

I reckon there will be a vote of no confidence coming up today/tomorrow.

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I don’t know if this has been posted here yet but it’s amazing :joy:

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Wife reckoned BoJo had a hair cut… must be trying to look fresh for a power grab :wink:

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Yeah he has, he was sporting it on The Andrew Marr show yesterday.


She wanted to remain!


Christmas is a funny old time.

[…] These are strange times. Today I watched the leader of an increasingly authoritarian Russia lecturing the West on the true meaning of democracy.

President Putin’s message was basically this: You don’t like Trump? Tough. The American voters elected him.

You don’t like Brexit? Tough again. The British people voted for it. […]

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I mean… he’s right.

Doesn’t make him any less of a nefarious figure though :sweat_smile:

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Is he though? Should any vote be considered a real voice of the people if you have almost 50/50 split? I understand that Brexitters and Trump won but for some reason it never sits well with me that it was by such a close margin. Even if Remainers had won it would not have felt right either.

I now I’m entering a utopian vision but sometimes can’t help it. To me if something so important is so close it means half of the people will be angry either way and they have a right to be.

In terms of brexit what’s most disappointing is how a few % margin to exit sparked a wave or racism across the country because people felt that it was suddenly okay because the brexit campaign was based on migrants etc…

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Preface: My thoughts here are my own and not of Monzo.

My opinion, is that this has been bungled up from day 1.

The referendum was called for the wrong reasons (to try and prevent the hard right vote bleed to UKIP, as well as to quell Tory infighting).

It was called in the wrong way, we live in a representative democracy where we elect officials that, in theory are more aware of all of the facts and can make decisions based on our behalf.

Now, our voting system is probably one of the worse forms of democracy, in that it encourages team voting, rather than self interest voting but that’s a discussion for another time. Our democracy is also flawed right now, as we have not adequately prepared for the age of social media and digital manipulation.

The campaigns, on both sides were horrific, and full of mis-information to outright lies to try and swing favour one way or another. The biggest mistake was made by the remain campaign, more specifically David Cameron when he promised to uphold the result of the non-binding advisory referendum. Regardless of your opinion on whether we’re better remaining, or leaving I think we can all agree that for such a sweeping change, a super majority of 60% or more should have been required. We certainly should not make such a sweeping change based on 38% of the electorates will while being actively manipulated.

After the vote had been counted, nobody from either side was held accountable for lies told. We also now have clear evidence of campaign overspending from the leave campaign, as well as proof of Russian interference and other dark money making it’s way in (like the DUP donation, that was used to run adverts in The Metro, exclusively in London), also that there was a 3 line whip in Parliament to prevent the source of this money being disclosed.

Since the referendum, the lies have been exposed and many more facts have been revealed, our Governments active contempt for the population has also been transparent in their attempts to either not publish, or not even run reports (who can forget Gove’s promise that Brexit impact reports had been done, only to reveal in parliament months later this wasn’t the case.

A no deal Brexit is the worst deal for every single person involved, but it hits the UK the hardest. Whatever preparations are made we’re looking at food and medicine shortages, swathes of motorway being turned into Lorry parks due to extended customs time, all flights/international trains being grounded/not running.

It’s economic suicide and the worst of all worlds.

Ultimately, my opinion is that it would be best for Parliament to hold a vote now, after speaking to constituents/maybe doing a local vote for each area on whether Brexit should go ahead and hopefully, decide that at least for the moment that it’s not possible.

We can then reform from the inside and perhaps change the leaving process (Article 50 is fairly recent AFAIK) to give more reasonable timelines and protections for both sides and recall the vote down the line (but ideally leave it to parliament again). If the vote were to be recalled, it should be mandatory to vote in it.

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Did anyone see this absolutely epic next level trolling last night?

It cheered me up a bit anyway.

:smile: :smile: :smile: