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(Ricky Nos) #479

And if it ends up 59 or 69%?
Clear majority but still under the threshold.
Doesn’t matter where the threshold is set. What matters is the result is the result.

(MikeF) #480

Then that should be laid out in the appropriate legislation so it was clear up front.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #481

Well done. I’m one too many generations away from qualifying for one.

I guess I’ve a blue one to look forward to :frowning:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #482

I think Brexit is like quantum mechanics. Anyone who says they understand it merely proves that they don’t understand it at all.

(Kenny Grant) #483

Supermajorities are standard practice when considering important constitutional changes. It makes a huge difference because you can be confident that only a small minority oppose the measure, as opposed to half the country.

This level of constitutional change after a knife edge referendum which was split 50/50 is insane. A supermajority requirement would have avoided this mess entirely.

(Richard) #484

Sometimes… it can still be worth looking into if it’s a great grandparent…

Might be more costly though…

Edit: maybe not… I scrolled down a bit further…

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #485

Thanks. I know my mum’s side of the family are Irish, but not her parents.


:wink: You’ll never know

I may not be proud of what our country voted for but by no means do I disrespect the vote - even if I think it’s invalid partially due to overspending by the leave campaign as well as the reasons not being very good (France, Sweden and Germany also don’t want immigration anymore, so we could have just spoken to them and asked the EU together for opt outs.)

I could support leaving the EU, although I would opt into EFTA for the freedom of movement and economic gain from the customs union and access to the single market, while not impeding us from other potential deals, as well as not involving us in common fishary policies. Although this does mean we would be accepting rules that the EU votes on without a vote ourselves.

Each to our own, I personally can’t trust our government but…

Definitely, this is a democracy after all.

That we will, we’ll probably be better informed on the 11th of December where this is all going. I personally think we’ll end up remaining unless Labour can force their general election.

Let’s just end it here though, agree to disagree :+1:


It’s not even leaving the EU that I find an an issue. Though I think it’s a bit dumb, essentially running away instead of fixing the issues that existed. Which they could have used the referendum to open those talks.

The whole thing has just been lies, attempts to mislead the public, attempts to hide information they don’t want the public to see, and the total lack of apparently any competence whatsoever. I don’t see how people think it’s a good idea to continue on the path we are on when we don’t have anyone who can do it properly.

(Sacha Zarb) #488

Thinking about this more during the day, and I can’t see beyond the effects of leaving the EU,
There’s the real massive risk that the economy might well tank, and profitability will be a real issue as people might retreat to established banking brands.

We’ll know more on Tuesday!

Biggest threat to Monzo in 2019

All we’ll know is if Theresa’s deal passes or not, it doesn’t confirm what option we pick.

We could still leave with no deal, with a different deal or stay.

(Sacha Zarb) #490

Here’s hoping for a route to staying.

But the uncertainty and the effect that has on people’s behaviours will continue regardless.


I think this is pretty unlikely. All our deposits (up to £85k) are protected by the FSCS so I don’t see many people trying to start a run on a bank.

More generally, financial hardship and economic decline might work in Monzo’s favour, because of Monzo’s instant notifications and budgeting tools.


This will not and should not happen. We have made our proverbial bed and must lie in it.

No matter what we do, there will be a period of economical and political turbulence ahead. It will not, however, be as bad as people are currently making out. Other countries in the EU will suffer a great deal more than us when we leave, even more so with no deal. Let’s leave on our own terms!

Brexit rant complete!

The main threat to Monzo in 2019, competition. Starling are coming up quickly and Revolut are also moving fast. Monzo must ensure that they stay customer centric and evolve.

To be honest though, their is room for a number of challengers, making the customer centric model even more crucial as they will need to maintain customer support.

Focus on us and what we have to say! :sunglasses:

(Michael) #493

Surely if the last two weeks have taught us anything, it is that the EU really are not buying this line that some figures here in the UK have been spinning. They want to ensure that it does not cause too much chaos, and to avoid too much impact on immediate budgets, but they are not going to give us a better deal because we are somehow special

Fog in the Channel; the Continent cut off


Correct. I am of the opinion that no deal is better. We owe the EU nothing. No matter how it is spun, we will be okay. JCJ et al will want to avoid turbulence as much as anyone else.

Ps. We are special and I will always believe that. If more people believed that the country would be a far greater place to live. A little bit of belief and patriotism is healthy :sunglasses:

Brexit rant complete V2?!


In my opinion:

  1. No we are not. Nothing makes the UK special.
  2. No it wouldn’t. Believing you are better than other people is a terrible way to live.
  3. It definitely isn’t. Think bigger than this tiny country. Work towards a better world.


Can I suggest Brexit discussion not directly related to challenges to Monzo takes place here

(Sacha Zarb) #497

Eeek, didn’t want/mean this to turn into a Brexit debate, believe there’s a thread for that elsewhere. Just pointing out its a big issue in 2019


Let’s agree to disagree :sunglasses: