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I voted leave… and will never ever change my mind… Im English, live in Scotland and also voted for Independence in 2014. Im a firm believer that countries should manage themselves without any outside influence whatsoever… the finer details of Brexit does not concern me for one reason… I live in Scotland and with the creation of the devolved government the seed has already been planted for a lifetime of turmoil and upset…as the Brexit result proved…There’s absolutely no chance on earth that this mess can be fixed… and theres nothing anyone outside of government can do about it…

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Care to name a country that currently manages itself without any outside influence whatsoever?

(Or, indeed, doesn’t exert control over other countries.)

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I think Simon’s point is that you can still vote that way if you want to.

If you’re convinced the people still want to leave then a second referendum shouldn’t bother you as it will be leave again.


Other people’s opinions don’t matter to me. Neither does what’s best for remainers. I was asked a simple question and I answered it. I was disappointed in 2014 in the independence referendum and in 2016 I got the result I wanted. Swings and Roundabouts spring to mind.


Sorry geography was never my strong point.

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The issue is that you may have known exactly what was going to happen when you voted but plenty of others didn’t.

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The problem I have with another referendum is that they turn into neverendums. Why should a second referendum be the last? It has been shown with previous EU treaty changes that if the EU doesn’t get the vote they want, they encourage countries to keep asking an electorate until they get tired and vote the ‘correct’ way. Ireland and France? are examples of this.

Equally, if remain did win again. Isn’t it only fair we vote a third time - just in case people change their mind again? What about if Leave won? A lot of Remain politicians stated they would respect the 2016 vote and now don’t. Why should people believe they would respect another leave win or want another vote to rejoin?

Scotland is a good example. If they vote to leave in a future referendum - should they be forced to have another 2 years later to ‘check’ that is what they really wanted?

I’m resigned to leaving and want to make the best out of it and heal the divide in the country. If Brexit was stopped, I believe it would only polarise the country from the areas of England who voted leave and the ones voting remain.

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The referendum was massively flawed so tbh it’s almost invalid. It’s not about keeping on asking it’s about recognising that the campaign was a sh**show and recognising that this is an incredibly complex decision and nothing like any other referendum we have had before.

We voted on fundamentally bad information. Some of it just lies. Some of it funded illegally at worst and dodgily at best. And it wasn’t overwhelming. This “will of the people” is not a very large margin of people.

I will never forget that Farage himself said if it were 48% leave he would continue campaigning for a second referendum. People can dislike me or think I’m being a “remoaner” but I don’t want my country to go to the dogs (in my own opinion) so I’ll keep being that pesky Lib Dem wanting a second referendum.

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It’s not only remainers who think a second referendum is a good idea

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I voted remain and I don’t think it’s a good idea…

@Chapuys said it perfectly above…

Opens a precedent to keep re-running referendum.

The only way I could see it being resolved (for any future referendums) is to adjust the pass point to 60/70% to get an out right majority

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See, you embody basically what I think of a lot of Leave voters. Voted for an ideal which doesn’t exist anywhere on the planet. Cannot exist, even. It won’t be created in an England/UK out of the EU after March 29th yet still you stick dogmatically to that ideal, and when asked to produce some kind of evidence for your belief, just shrug your shoulders and mutter something that doesn’t mean anything.

You’d probably vote for the right to live on Mars for six months of the year.


If living on Mars means 6 months of peace from people like you then great…

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The one thing I respect in all of the recent stuff is that the PM had the good grace to talk about enacting “the result of the referendum” rather than the horribly overused and inaccurate “will of the British people” nonsense. The quicker we get to tone down some of the more divisive language, the easier it will be to try and manage whatever car crash is coming next.


I couldn’t vote but I’m pretty strongly towards remain :thinking: I think a lot of people just voted on one issue in the vote, rather than the whole picture. No one brought up the Irish Border or Gibraltar, they brought up immigration. I’m sure for a lot of singular sticking points like immigration we could have just asked the EU for exemption from taking refugees, rather than leaving and then asking for a bunch of opt-ins.

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The problem is that this rule doesn’t apply beyond your friendship group and that those caught outside of the stereotype get tarred with the same brush.



Inb4 remains after 2 years of discussing our leaving deal

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In other news… took about 5 weeks, but job done :white_check_mark:

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My two cents…

Bored of it all…

However, for me the referendum should never have even happened. I consider myself to be somewhat intellectual and interested in current affairs but I truly struggled to understand the various benefits and downfalls of either vote.

The political parties did nothing to help either. The campaigning by both sides was horrendous with over the top and ridiculous :poop: coming from both sides.

Now I am sure there are people who had a much better understanding of it all then me, but I am also certain that there are a lot more who had no idea what the hell this was and listened to the rhetoric of “Britain First” and nationalism and believed that by voting Leave, all foreigners would leave and we would be back to Good Ol Blighty!!!

Quite simply, this decision was too big for the public to make. The politicians should have made this decision.

And quite frankly ever since I’ve just been fed-up of all the political backstabbing and posturing from all those who should be trying to work together to help this country get through an uncertain period of history. (Looking at you Boris!!)