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A lot of us (leave voters) are uncomfortable with the level of sovereignty being pooled. We want to decide our own rules/regulations, fishing quotas, environmental standards, trade policy etc. A lot of which we can’t do under the EU, we don’t mind being part of shared schemes, common defence strategies etc. If it was simply free trade and some cross country co-operation then it’d be fine, which is what it originally was meant to be.

I, like Tony Benn, think the power has shifted to far from the people and the EU is a symbol of that. People in distant places holding power that should be at a local, or country specific level

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Keep it civil

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I think the last paragraph is the one that drives the running for cover need

The rest was a reasonable arguement for the leave cause. That one, unfortunately, just reads (to me) as an attack on anyone who disagrees with you and undoes much of the coherence of what went before. I’m sorry if I’ve misread it in some way but your follow up post appears to reinforce that interpretation. :worried:


21 additional months under rule law, least everyone can say they were right when it was predicted leaving wouldn’t be easy !

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Wow. That’s a pretty clear sign that they basically don’t know how to enact this without screwing the country completely.

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It seems she’s also taken negotiations into her own hands to deal with directly rather than the group that couldn’t decide on what to have for lunch let alone agree on something to do with Brexit.

I always thought 2 years was too short a time for it to happen in regardless. There have been talks on and off about a longer transition period from the start.


I think the government has gone about this the wrong way from the start.

IMO, They should have consulted the electorate after the result to find out why they voted leave or remain and then took it from there… A mass survey would have done the trick and given a platform for them to formulate a plan from.

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And what would that have told us? We don’t want EU regulation but we want access to the single market on our terms would be the consensus from the leave camp.
It doesn’t matter what we want, the EU has to agree and there’s no reason why they should.
All the pre referendum talk of trade deals with the EU never mentioned the fact that a deal needs both sides to want some version of it

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Maybe an option as to whether a soft, hard or no Brexit would have been a better selection during the original referendum.
Just throwing ideas around :man_shrugging:t3:


Everything you have mentioned means absolutely nothing to me whatsoever, and I bet that a large percentage of the population would struggle to explain what the single market is or what trade deals are…

Im also confident that single market and trade deals weren’t even in people thoughts when they went to the ballet box.

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The big red bus was, surely…

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Which is why this is such a mess now I think.

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It’ll be very interesting to see wether or not the Supreme Court will allow the Scottish governments Brexit bill to stand

Watching with great interest!

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I have a special interest in the affairs of the United Kingdom.

Breaking the forth wall: Mainly because I live here.

You have an incompetent government and I feel sorry for the citizens based there.


I am interested how it will affect Gibraltar as been there today.

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Did you see the monkeys?


No I am scared of heights.


Yep, sorry.

I work with many nationalities and it was free for all in attacking them, even UK citizens with Canadian accents were asked when they were going home.

Edit to add: It’s really difficult when every single one of my friends/family/acquaintances who voted leave is a devoted or closet racist. The ones who start conversations with “I’m not a racist but…”.


Me too!! - the fact that this bill even exists just go to show how “Unions” aren’t always the land of milk and honey that people want them to be


I’m looking for Scottish ancestry