Brainteaser from the hallways of Monzo's Slack 🧠

@hashbridge posted this in our Slack chat channel #chit last week and said it ruined his day, here to pass it on

If it hurt your brain please share with the group :pray:

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My brain hurts.


The Spoonerisms example is explained badly, but once I worked out what was going on in the example I was able to get 3/5 almost instantly.

I skipped the anagrams (for now) as I suck at anagrams. (Will need pen + paper to help me work this out, I think.)

First double-blank was easy as, but I’m struggling with the rest.

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Yeah the first double blank gave me a false sense of security as the rest are like I said hurting my brain.

I did feel like the silver spoonerisms was explained in quite an odd manner but eventually got my head around it.

I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling a bit here :brain: :fire:

I kept trying to find the Spoonerisms in the example sentence, it was only when I looked at the example answer I realised that the sentence is supposed to guide you to a word pair and a Spoonerism of it.

I’m used to Spoonerisms being things like “Excuse me, I believe you are occupewing my pie”, which is why I was looking at the sentences originally.

Still haven’t worked out any of the other double-blanks yet :sob:

I didn’t understand what it meant, till I read the answers and made myself believe I understood it… Turns out I still don’t understand what it is.