BPay type payment band

I would love a Monzo version of BPay tag/ band whatever

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I would expect monzo to create a base strap and removable chip for around 20 . Custom band like leather and funky designed could easily by made by a budding jewellery maker on her . Keeping it in the community.

Like bPay but waterproof…

Also looks like bPay are jumping on the Hot Coral


Or even better, something like the Kerv Ring, contactless payment ring… I would be more than happy to pay for a monzo version.!



Interesting - a bit fancier looking than the bpay thing.

Although at £100 a pop, quite a pricetag!

I do love the idea of all these different form factors for wearable payment options, would love to see what other fintechs pop up in this space.

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£100 a pop every 4 years (+ £5 annual maintenance fee)

Or £2.20+ a month if they went to a subscription based model

Hi Team :wave: .

For those familiar with BPAY by Barclays, they offer what is essentially a contactless chip that can be slotted into a watch fob holder which allows contactless payments from your wrists.

They also offer bangle fobs, keychain fobs and phone stickers that allow for contactless paymenta


Just curious as to what monzo users thoughts are around this type of device and if people would even use something like this. I personally use my BPAY every day for public transport and lunch purchases, a smartest he without the battery issues :rofl::joy:.

Go! :vertical_traffic_light::grin:




Might already work with Monzo…

It’s essentially a pre-paid card that you top up.

Scratch that, it does work with Monzo… should have read the post above :wink:

I use my bPay every single day and love it… Having said that, if Monzo were to release their own wearable contactless collection, I would buy/use one of theirs instantly. I think there is a massive untapped market in wearables that Monzo would be very clever to tap into… as far as I can see Barclays are the only main stream bank providing this service at the moment… Think about it Monzo, not only are they very useful for everyday purchases, they are also a pretty cool way of paying and would, I have no doubt, elevate the Monzo profile even further.!


Hi all, moved your posts here to keep the chat in one place :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using the K-Ring (Kerv) for 4 months now, and I’m totally hooked. I’ve stopped using my Apple Watch or phone to pay for small items, and I use the ring all the time on the Tube, for coffee, sandwiches and the like. The only thing I hate is the customer service, errors and general poor business behaviours of the now K-Ring company. It looks like the technology is licensable from the original developers and patent holders for a lower price point than the £100 outlay, and I agree that the Ring would have to be a duplicate / mirror card otherwise I’d loose all the good features of Monzo that I have come to love. Either way, I’d happily spend another £100 for a hot coral (on the inside!) MonzoRing in dark, dark blue with the Monzo emblem etched in it, of course. Please Monzo, add this to your moon-shots list, I’d be all in!!


Can monzo try partnering with a Chinese company loads selling nfc / rfid rings cheap.

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Even a chip in a bracelet will do . So you can attach to watch etc . BPay have something similar

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Is it possible to butcher the monzo card down to the size if a phone sim so you could insert it into the pay fob / bracket?

No, as the antenna runs around the edges of the card.

Holding the card up to a bright light should show you the outline of the antenna and chip itself.

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I think it would be possible with a bit of acetone and time, but a bit risky and DIY. You would have to dissolve the card rather than cut it up.

From Monzo’s point of view I think they’re really missing a trick here - loads of people with pink bands at festivals paying for drinks would be a great marketing opportunity for them, even if it doesn’t make them much money to sell a contactless option, it could be a good tool for promotion and user growth.

Maybe most people have apple watches nowadays, but there are also many situations where you might not want to wear one (like going hiking or going to a festival).

That’s a great instructable but i think it would fail here as most contactless cards require a chip and pin transaction every so often.

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Yes good point. I haven’t ever hit this limit of contactless transactions with monzo, but perhaps there is one.