Bounced payment

Hi all - got a really random question.

I was on a flight back from Sweden last week and bought a few snacks mid flight. The account didn’t appear to have enough in, and bounced. It now has enough ££ in, but the payment hasn’t been taken yet.

Any thoughts here as to when it’ll be re-run or what I have to do?


If it bounced, how did you pay while on the flight?

Sounds like you got yourself a free snack if it bounced.

It will have been charged as an offline transaction, to be collected later.


I should probably have stated this actually!

I had £20 in the account. Then I transferred the £20 out, completely forgetting about the pending payment… so then it eventually attempted to be taken, and then I noticed!

A stupid mistake for sure :neutral_face:

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Now it makes sense! I’d ensure an amount to match the pending transaction is left in the account for the foreseeable - a retry is likely to happen at any time. If it doesn’t happen in the next few days/weeks/months, you’ve managed to beat the system!

You don’t have an overdraft do you? :thinking:

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SWT used to take months to actually claim the money I’d paid for train tickets, leaving me with a headache working out my balance. I say ‘used to’, maybe they still do - I use my CC for SWT instead now.

But yes, as @davidwalton says, the transaction may yet be tried again.

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Some payments made onboard a flight like drinks, snacks, or duty free can sometimes show up in your feed up to 6 months later, so best to keep an eye out for it.

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Awesome, thanks for the help guys! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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