attraction pass woes... Anyone else experienced them?

Hi all!

I’m abroad at the moment and using Monzo has made my experience here super easy and stress free, for which I’m truly grateful! The next leg of my trip involves staying at a hotel that I booked with and they have supplied me with an attractions pass that if I link my payment card to, will let me experience many attractions at a reduced price. The problem is whenever I try to link my Monzo card, I get an error saying that the card details I’ve entered appear to be invalid.

I tried my wife’s Monzo card and got the same problem, while my Halifax card worked fine. I would like to use my Monzo card for obvious reasons so I feel a little stuck right now. I tried contacting Monzo’s customer service but unfortunately they were unable to resolve the issue and’s customer service couldn’t help either. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, were you able to find a solution?


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Sounds like whatever platform they are using to support this hasn’t updated their card BIN numbers in quite a while. You can email with all the details and they will escalate it but it’s up to the merchant to update their BIN numbers


Thanks, I emailed that address and let them know :slight_smile: