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Really enjoying the Shardlake series by CJ Sansom. Vivid storytelling and brilliant plots. Currently on book 7!

I’m half way through the latest Expanse novel that came out a week or two back - I’ve spoiled it by reading about some big events coming up so am taking it slowly and enjoying the ride. I’m sure I’ve said on a TV Shows thread here that The Expanse is the most perfect series I’ve ever enjoyed watching and reading.

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This is so not my preferred genre (I’m very much into sci-fi and fantasy), but it was only a fiver so I took a risk and bought it yesterday.

I was about a third of the way through when I finally peeled myself away from my Kindle last night, really enjoying it so far. Thank you for the recommendation!

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Welcome! Surprisingly easy read too.

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Epic win alert: 18 months after I wrote this post (quoted), the author and publisher have released an expanded paperback edition… and quoted me/my review on the back cover and on the opening title pages inside :raised_hands:



I’ve been heading off on two different tangents at the library lately. Cyberpunk and personal finance.

Currently working through William Gibson’s “sprawl” series (Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Count Zero), whilst also plowing through the FT guide to investing.

Neuromancer is excellent; the FT guide is going to be very useful, but it’s not exactly riveting…

Just started The Panopticon by Jenni Fagan. Set in Scotland (which I hadn’t realised) and so far so intriguing.

Reminds me of the panopticon in Glasgow. Although that was a theatre and not a prison. Some really cool history.

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Indeed, and in the process of being wonderfully restored. Seen a few shows in there recently.

I’m currently in the process of buying the Kindle versions of my Stephen King books, plan is to clear my book shelf and get rid of it as it just gets in the way and it’s showing its age at the moment, books can go to some local charity once the world gets back to normal.

Yesterday I purchased The Stand, it’s the extended version of all the bits that never made it into the original book when it was released. Kindle is estimating it will take approx 25 hours to read through it all.

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