Bohemian Rhapsody

So… who else has seen it? And what did you think?

We saw it over the weekend and thought it was absolutely fantastic. Rami Malek stole the show as Freddie. The pacing and direction were great (it’s actually really tough trying to condense 16 years into 2 hours!) and I think this will do great things for introducing a new generation to the music of Queen.

The absolutely hilarity of Mike Myers as the record exec who hated Bohemian Rhapsody saying “kids in cars won’t bang their heads to this” :joy:


A few of minor or jarring issues aside, spoilers below, I thought it was great. Really flew by. Really tapping my feet and getting into the music

The chap who players Brian May looked and sounded so much like him that it was like they had a time machine

Loved the bits where they found inspiration for new songs

Probably too much of Mary Austin, especially her repeated brief appearances. It giving the impression that the rest of the band were choir boys. The repeated cuts to that random pub during Live Aid. The implication that there absolutely no donations to Live Aid till Queen came on. The Live Aid audience being as perfectly diverse by age, gender and ethnicity as Nigella’s last TV dinner attendees

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I didn’t know it existed. Would you recommend it?


I haven’t seen it yet, but I understand it’s an authorised biopic with the remaining members of Queen being on-board with the production. And as such, one has to accept that all the awkward rough edges will be sanded off in order to present the best possible face (so I’m guessing there’s no mention of how the music press didn’t entirely wam to Queen, or the “ballet to the masses” thing, for example).

It’s the sort of thing I’ll probably watch when it turns up on a streaming service I’m subscribed to, I think, rather than go to the cinema for.

Fun fact: my father was involved in music journalism in the early '70s and either interviewed or reviewed Queen, and they sent him a letter thanking him for the support (we still have the letter).

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You might be a little surprised then, as it’s not overwhelmingly positive about the response they got from the press. There’s a bit where they put terrible reviews of a song on screen and another with a bruising press conference

Wasn’t that bit just relating to Bohemian Rhapsody the song, though? I think it’s fairly accurate that it didn’t receive rave reviews from critics.

Looking forward to seeing this. Plus I can link it to Jurassic Park. Which is nice.

I throughly enjoyed the film seeing it st the cinema on release date. It wasn’t 100 per cent accurate and it jumped a back and forth quite a bit. But I thought that out a good effort into choosing who would play the queen parts.

Watched it in IMAX and felt like I was actually at one of their concerts!
Film was really good and my attention wasn’t diverted at all!

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Yes, but I think, between those reviews and the press conference and the Paul interview it, answered the point about sanding off the edges and press being less than wild on them

Going to see it tonight with the girlfriend!

Am planning on going this weekend, the wife is really looking forward to seeing it!

I saw it last week, I had wanted to see it since it was announced. :movie_camera:

It happened to be student night at the Curzon so I was one of the oldest in the auditorium! :joy: However it was cheering to see so many younger people interested in the film even if they hadn’t been born until long after Freddie had passed away.

Rami Malik does struggle a bit with the accent and I couldn’t help thinking an older actor would have done better playing Roger Taylor (no offence to Ben Hardy) but other than that it was an enjoyable two hours and the replica of the Live Aid performance was very impressive, aside from the guy playing Bob Geldof saying “give us your money” and leaving out the F word - or is that an urban myth? Or maybe so the film could be a 12A! :joy:

Sort of

I thought I read somewhere that “give us the f****** money” was a misquote!