Blockchain City

So this week rather than the NFT craze of virtual goods. I’ve stumbled across this. A mad smart city with Blockchain technology baked into its heart.

Still early days and waiting for approval to build, but this guy owns all the land already.

I’ve got a feeling he’ll regret it once it’s built but I agree with his points

Will be an interesting experiment if nothing else. I suppose if he’s got the cash and investors to back it, then why the hell not.

It’ll be great to have spare money like that and especially if it goes to plan it’ll be pretty unique and interesting to see, however I reckon it’ll take years to complete

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I wonder what he’ll call it. Rapture perhaps.

In all seriousness, it’s interesting that the article calls him a millionaire. Unless he’s getting capital from outside, he’ll be amazed at how quickly just getting water and sanitation sorted out is going to cost, let alone a road, is going to eat through those millions.

You’re looking at around £70m just for an interchange on a motorway. Plus I doubt many public utilities take bitcoin. Still, good luck to him…


Is his name: Frank Fontane or “Atlas”?