Black Pound Day #BlackPoundDay

Just a thought :thinking: - could we get some kind of opt in reminder for Black Pound Day every month please?

• maybe all pots turn black for that day?
• just a notification reminder?
• highlight a different black owned business each month?

It’s a nice idea but it will never happen.

Do you do lottery numbers with your all-seeing eye, or is it just app development?

Did you see all the faux-outrage when there was a (I want to say) Ramadam icon next to transactions on that day?

Turn all pots black? How and what way are they all black? Images?
Notification? People are not going to want one for this and not everything else. But then if you do it for this, then what next?
Black owned businesses is an interesting one, but how you do it without a bias I’m not sure. Monzo on social media sometimes promote local from people, maybe that way.

The problem with all these suggestions is it just leads to whataboutery.

There’s not a BLM icon option yet. Baby steps.


I think it was in the transaction notifications, but yes, I agree with your point here.

I had to google it and it’s already gone for 2020 anyway. 27/6 apparently.

Spending money at black owned businesses.

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Oddly enough, I’d heard about this for folks in the US. But completely missed that it was happening here too.


Supporting black-owned businesses is racist now? Okaaaaayyyyyy…

Think I’ll just shop at my usual locations


I can’t wait for the day where people are treated as equal and there is no need for marches or flags. I thought we were getting there but now it seems like we are going backwards.

The sad fact is humans just aren’t very nice. If someone has a problem with you they will use whatever makes you different against you. Whether that’s if you’re fat, wear glasses, are a different colour, are poor, sexual orientation, the way you dress etc.

I know I’ve gone off topic, apologises.


Textbook racism?

Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

Exactly, a white/asian/Latino person would be prejudiced against in this situation.


i don’t think a day to promote businesses that have suffered years of under promotion is racist

It’s like the white lives matter argument


What businesses have been under-promoted?

And yes it is actually racist to promote business based on the racial background of the owner.


Ok, I’m out


Swap lives for shops.


I honestly disagree.

Sin, misdeeds and injustices aren’t inherited. People alive today aren’t beholden to the actions of people 300-400 years ago.

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